Pinterest Effect









T o  m e . . . 15 minutes on Pinterest is about the equivalent of 3 cups of coffee.

i like to call this the Pinterest Effect :)  !!

what to do with all of this explosive energy?!!!


ultimately, it makes me long for something quite unexplainable.

so there are days when i simply cannot muster the strength to get all “pintristy”

and do not indulge in the triple shot heavy cream and honey cuppa.

other days its the jump start to my creative day.

anyone else out there understand?


these photos were all pinned to my EMERALD board. check it out here!

make it work!


i n  t r u e “ARIES” style… today, i decided to revisit some old patterns and freshen them up a little!  it was a “MAKE IT WORK” moment

for me, and i found it to be very inspiring.  how can YOU freshen up something old, and discarded?  its a DIY world, folks!  lets get busy!


print + pattern “geometrics”



m y   s u b m i s s i o n to the new PRINT + PATTERN “GEOMETRICS” book.  i had so much fun with this project, it was great to focus

entirely on shapes and color!  pick me, please!


Mod Studio Collection


















s o  e x c i t e d  to finally share the news!  Mod Studio is available to pre-order now through rileyblakedesigns!

can’t wait!  my first collection with this fun company!




i l o v e  t h e rare times when you pick up a magazine, flip through and see something REALLY familiar.  i spotted my

hummingbird mandala fabric in this months HGTV mag!  yup. its the big time!

i also loved the “know your pattern” quiz…there were a few i didn’t know…


benbow shades



c a n n o t   b e l i e v e  i got so lucky as to work with Tosin at  Benbow Shades.  his work is top notch, and dear me, when the package arrived,

i just couldn’t believe i had lived so long without :)

its the bright bit of sunshine to my little apartment.

and i find myself walking in the room just to catch glimpses….thanks again Tosin, your amazing!

fabric bag planter


w h o k n e w i would be so addicted to housewares?

i had secret  longing for a bag planter after seeing skinny laminx do it so beautifully.

so i dug out some spare fabric from my stash.

i estimated the required yardage, ironed, measured, sewed, and had this baby done

in just one hour flat.

i did have some help though…film in the fridge did a lovely tutorial here.




upcycle chair




w h o   d o e s ‘ n t  love a good before and after?

i have been finally getting around to repurposing some of those “boring” thrift store purchases that have been so longing for a re-do.

you can’t tell it in the “pretty” bleached out picture above,

but this chair needed a makover.



i used my spoonflower pattern circuitry to complete this look.






t o d a y ‘s inspiration comes from meeli sonn‘s photo entitled “feminine tenderness

i love how it steered a little retro!

have a happy inspired day everyone!



this + that

r e c e n t l y, i have been inspired to start a little process project entitled “this + that“.

it will typically feature art, design, fabric, fashion & product…i.e anything that inspires design!

so far, i am having a blast with these little “works” and it seems to be the missing ingredient to my day.


today’s inspiration comes from the australian designers inaluxe.  a team whose inspirations come

from Rothko and Rauschenberg & abstract impressionisim.

their brilliant colors and simplicity are inspiring and perfect for adding bright colors and design to a room.


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